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KMQ Interview: Alice in the Attic (#8Authors)

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.17.17 PMI love talking to Rose Caraway. A few months ago, I spoke with her in-studio for the release of the Sexy Librarian’s Dirty 30, vol. 1. It was a great experience – one that I didn’t realize I’d be lucky enough to repeat so soon.

Earlier this week, I went back to Rose’s studio, this time to talk about Libidinous Zombie, the collection of erotic horror that Rose and her brilliant husband / partner in crime, Dayv, have been dreaming of for years.

I was privileged to be one of the #8Authors she asked to contribute to this collection and the story that I ultimately handed over turned out to be quite a labor of love, one that is especially important to me.

Alice Blk Bkgnd FB“Alice in the Attic” isn’t a pretty story. If I did my job right, it’s creepy and unsettling and abjectly filthy. I also hope that, while it makes you vaguely uncomfortable, it also turns you on. That intersection between sex and fear is fascinating to me. In fact, it’s very much at Alice’s heart.

This interview was short and sweet and really fun (at least, that’s how it felt to record!) We talked about short stories that want to be novels, taboo and transgression, and how wonderful it is when an editor asks you take off the reins and GO. You don’t have to have read #LZ to enjoy it. Hell, you don’t even have to like horror. It’s just a good conversation about writing without restraint. That said, if you happened to want to read some pretty righteous, sexy horror, you could do better than #LZ.

So, if you want to check out my conversation with the brilliantly excellent Rose Caraway, click HERE.

LZ Cover LargeAnd if you want to pick up a copy of #LZ (because it really is hella good) head on over HERE. And stayed tuned. Audio is on the way.


New Release: LZ

LZ logo Twtr dimentions with title and date

Halloween is the release day for a project that I am both humbled and proud to be part of. Libidinous Zombie (#LZ) is Rose Caraway’s erotic horror anthology. It pushes at boundaries both in writing and in life, and gleefully breaks pretty much every convention in the genre. To quote the blurb:

This book is erotic. This book is horrifying. This book is cunning.
This book is edgy, seductive, violent, fiendish, indecent, and unfair.
This collection is a work of fiction. Consider yourself trigger warned.

Quick Note: Remittance Girl wrote an excellent post explaining what, exactly, a libidinous zombie is. I would recommend reading it – it’s fascinating. It will also allay zombie-oriented fears. There’s only one zombie story in this collection and it’s brilliant (this coming from a woman who got nervous watching Sean of the Dead).

“Alice in the Attic”, the story I wrote for #LZ, has been germinating for twelve years. It started as a sort of dark fairy tale about a little girl who has cobwebs for hair, but it never went anywhere. I wasn’t prepared to take it where it needed to go. Over the years, it went through various iterations, some fay, others less so, but I couldn’t shake the sense that I wasn’t telling the story. Eventually I set it aside.

When Rose Caraway asked me if I wanted to contribute to this collection I thought of “Alice in the Attic” for the first time in years. After simmering for so long, the story felt more substantial. Alice was more than just a fairy tale concept. She was more than a little girl with sentient hair. She was darker, meaner, more raw, filthy, clever, wise and frightening. She had a history. She had suffered. In short, she had grown up. But in order to write the story as it needed to be written I needed to be able to go to places that are not romantic. They aren’t even civilized.

Revenge, injustice, predation, sexual obsession, madness, compulsion, manipulation, death…. All that sexy stuff. I say that somewhat ironically, but I’m actually quite serious. It’s a different kind of erotic, one that happens when civility cracks and biology takes over. It’s not pretty. In fact, it’s fucking filthy. And because it’s fucking filthy, it’s really fucking hot…if that’s your cup of tea.

“Alice in the Attic” is my cup of tea, and it’s an honor to have it in a collection that embraces the wrong, the frightening and the deeply sexual without the boundaries of convention.

I’ve written quite a few pieces that will never see the light of day because there is no place for them in the market, but Rose Caraway deliberately created a context free of the rules that define the genre. This collection makes its own way. It’s uncomfortable and intelligent and incredibly hot. It’s a beautiful fucking monster.

Alice Blk Bkgnd FBFrom “Alice in the Attic”:

Adler froze as her breathing hitched, no longer quiet, but striving and broken by throaty, frustrated moans.

Patient shows signs of nymphomania. Has pronounced tendencies towards sexual self-abuse.

He’d seen those words the day before, written in crabbed, fading ink, but he remembered them like a slap as he felt his body respond. It was only when his cock bulged against his trousers that he realized how compromised he was.

“Alice,” he said, as she writhed in the chair. “Miss Mulgrave? You must stop. You are agitating yourself.”

Dark eyes flew open and locked on his. Adler stepped back, shocked by the look on her face. It was full of rapacious promise, like a wolf scenting prey. But the impression didn’t last. He’d barely absorbed it when it was papered over by a rueful smile. Then she flipped down her skirt and stood to greet him, calm and self-possessed.

“You must be Dr. Adler. Alice has told me about you. I’m Miss Mulgrave.”

Instead of curtseying as Alice had, Miss Mulgrave extended her hand. Adler froze and stared at her fingers, which glistened with the juices of where they had been. Seeing his discomfort, she snatched her hand away.

“Forgive me,” she said. “One forgets.”

Then she slid her fingers into her mouth and sucked them clean, smiling calmly as she did.

Adler swallowed, reacting as much to her calm as to the sight of her working her fingers with brutal, sensual force. When she was finally satisfied, she offered him her hand again. Adler took it gingerly with his.

“Em…yes. I’m Dr. Adler. A pleasure to meet you, Miss Mulgrave. Are you prepared for our first session?”

Buy the Book!

LZ Cover Large









Available on Amazon Kindle.

Taboo Busters: Sex, Eroticism and Critical Lenses

Green Taboo Busters logo for episode 4 with Malin JamesThere are certain people that, when you meet them, it’s like picking up an old friendship you hadn’t realized you had. Meeting Stella Ottewill was like that. She and I met through Molly Moore on a different podcast and we quickly bonded over books, writing, recreational thinking and epic letter writing.

Stella recently began Taboo Busters, a podcast dedicated to exploring ideas that often get brushed aside. As she says, no taboo is too big or too small – from cutting and prog rock to whether or not Ringo is the best Beatle (clearly not). It’s the sort of podcast I’d listen to even if I didn’t know it’s creator – it revels in discussion and there are no limits to what’s on the table.

For my chat with Stella, “Sex, Eroticism and Critical Lenses”, we settled on talking about something we’re both passionate about – sex in literature. There is a great deal of debate regarding the erotica market, porn, censorship and what exactly erotic literature is. There are many ways to answer these questions, but behind them all is what I believe to be the underpinning issue – that of the value of sex in literature and the lack of a critical framework through which to engage it. I love this subject and I loved talking about it with Stella. I hope you enjoy it even half as much as I did.

To listen, either click on the green link above, or go HERE.

New Release: The Athletic Aesthetic

Cover for The Athletic Aesthetic. A female gymnast's curved back.

The Athletic Aesthetic, edited by Kojo Black

Sweetmeats Press does literary pornography like few publishers do. They pull inspiration from everywhere and anywhere to produce titles full of filth and utter gorgeousness. So, when Kojo Black asked me if I’d like to contribute to an anthology of sports erotica, I said yes, of course.

Fencing is one of my favorite Olympic sports, possibly because, in an odd way, it reminds me a lot of ballet (I was a dancer into my late teens). It’s a sport the hinges on precision and muscle control. It’s also intensely competitive. Add to all of that the fact that I have an in-house fencing expert, and settling on a sport to write about was pretty easy, especially because fencing requires years of high level training and massive amount of physical, emotional and mental discipline.

So I came up with a training scenario that capitalized on discipline, and I put a woman in the position of training five, top level male athletes. There were so many interesting ways to play with D/s, pain and sexual fluidity that writing “The Master” was it’s own pleasure. Add in a high stakes, competitive environment, contained in an isolated mountain chalet and the story came together in a way that I’m very proud of.

The Athletic Aesthetic is the newest in a long line of beautiful anthologies edited by Kojo Black for Sweetmeats Press. In addition to “The Master” it also features stories from Lisa Fox, Vanessa Wu, Emerald and Lexie Bay and is available in both paperback and ebook form.

And now, just to tempt you, here’s an excerpt from “The Master”. I hope you enjoy.

The cover for The Master by Malin James. Female gymnast's curved back.

The Master, Book 5 of The Athletic Aesthetic by Malin James

From “The Master” by Malin James:

Elle Mason nodded and stepped forward without, strictly speaking, appearing to move. Tom’s awareness shifted, driven by a subtle twist of lust. Unlike Donati, she possessed a stillness that was unsettling in someone so young. Looking at her closely, Tom realized that she couldn’t have been more than twenty-two or twenty-three.

“As Signor Donati implied, this is a rather unorthodox method. The goal is not to teach you technique, but rather to dominate your opponent— physically, mentally and emotionally.”

Bisset nodded knowingly. Tom rolled his eyes. Bisset was good, but he was also wired tight. He could be played, just like anyone else.

“However,” Elle Mason went on, “for all of the benefit, there is a price to pay. You must obey, without question, all instructions that you’re given.”

Tom’s eyes narrowed. It was a subconscious reaction—the word obey had many implications …

“Excuse me,” Tom said, dulling the edge in his voice. “What, exactly, are we consenting to?”

Donati nodded sanguinely.

“An excellent question,” he said, all fatherly sweetness. “Fencing is a sport, yes? If you lose, the only thing hurt is your pride. But it wasn’t always so. This is good for civilization perhaps, but not so for the fencer. Without a sense of immediate consequence, the fencer can lose perspective. Pain, or the threat of pain concentrates the mind. Pain brings with it distraction and anger. By transcending distraction and anger, the fencer attains control. This training method is designed to instill a sense of consequence, while developing the ability transcend it.”

“Yeah,” Tom muttered, “that’s what I thought.”

“Mr. Granger. Something to add?”

Elle Mason was eying him. Her mouth had curved, sharp and cold as the moon. Tom gave her a self-deprecating shrug.

“No, not really. Just sounds like this method pulls from other disciplines.”

“Everything has a source,” she replied.

The Athletic Aesthetic is available at Amazon and Amazon, UK in print and ebook.

Best Erotic Romance of the Year, vol. 1

BER 2015You know what’s romantic? Erotic romance. Know where to find the most romantic erotic romance of the year? Best Erotic Romance of the Year, (vol. 1). Know what’s really cool? It’s available today.

Kristina Wright, writer, editor and mistress of Cleis Press’s Best Erotic Romance series, is back with another round-up of the best erotic romance the year has to offer, and I’m proud that one of my stories found a place in it. Ms. Wright pulled together some really beautiful work from established favorites like Emerald and Kiki DeLovely, as well as from newer voices like Renee Luke and Crystal Jordan. You’ll also find gorgeous, sexy pieces from my lovely and talented Pillow Talk colleagues, Tamsin Flowers and Jade A. Waters.

My contribution to Best Erotic Romance of the Year is a story called “The Couch”. It involves a cocktail party, a slightly open door, and yes, a massive leather couch. I’ve included an excerpt below. I hope you enjoy. xx.M


The couch, when they reached it, was even bigger than it looked. She sank into the buttery leather and crossed her legs, feeling like Goldilocks in Papa Bear’s chair. In fact, if she were prone to giggling she would have. Instead, she watched Tom sit down beside her—just close enough to catch a hint of his aftershave. The scent went straight to her head. She felt light-headed, and drunk, though she’d barely touched either the martini or her champagne.

His eyes met hers, and she smiled, allowing the edge of a promise to curve her lips, as she leaned in. God, he smelled good.

“Are you as hard, as I am wet?”

Tom narrowed his eyes. She wasn’t usually so blunt, but they only had one night. She wanted Tom, and she wanted him now.

“Say again?”

Daphne shifted, settling her long legs several inches from his. His eyes flickered down over the bare length, and, for the first time that evening, she saw naked heat flare in the genial warmth of his eyes. Civilized Tom. Nothing civilized there. Pushing her advantage, she leaned in bit further and purred right against his ear.

“Are you as hard as I am wet?”

“I thought that’s what you’d said….”

Daphne held her breath as Tom kissed her neck, sparking pleasure through her skin and right into her bones. Her spine flexed, drawing her close.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you since I left Singapore.”

Daphne’s breath caught. Tom had never said he wanted to fuck her before—make love, of course, but never fuck. Daphne turned her face, and nuzzled his lips.

“Kiss me, then.”

The kiss was like him—warm and lovely—with a solid edge beneath. He was holding himself back. Normally, she loved that, loved that he had so much to offer that he could hold some in reserve, but right then, she wanted what was simmering beneath. She wanted more of that edge.

“Do you want to leave,” he murmured against her mouth. He tasted of gin and her perfume.

“No, I don’t,” she said. She had come to the party alone. Thanks to this development, she saw no reason to leave. Not yet.

“I want you to make me come,” she said, “right here on this couch.”

Daphne felt his lips curve against her skin.

“Let me close the door….”

“No,” she said. “Leave it alone.”

Slowly, Tom settled back.

“Are you sure?”

Daphne nodded, loving the mixture of concern and lust in his eyes.

“I’m sure. Now, make me come.”

Tom laid her down. The couch hid them from a casual glance, but anyone could have seen them if walked into the room. A fresh gush of heat pooled between her legs as Tom shifted and kissed her again, but driven by her awareness of the open door, Daphne pushed past his sweetness and nipped his bottom lip. He stiffened, surprised. Then he smiled and nipped her back.

Daphne let her hands slip down from his waist to his hips, which were pressed lightly into hers. She could feel him through layers of silk and wool. He was hard and getting harder despite his easy, playful mouth. She arched against him. He felt so good, fit so well into the cleft between her thighs, that her body began to move, a soft undulation at first, and then a demanding grind. His breath hitched. With a grimace, he lifted his hips away.

“Careful, sweet. Or you’ll ruin the game.”

She smiled, enjoying his admission as he parted her legs and half-reclined between them. Then his hands began to move. Nerve endings fluttered between her legs as her nipples peaked, achy and hard. She tilted her head back and sighed. He touched her as if he had a map of her in his mind…he’d always known how to touch her.

Tom stroked her thigh and coaxed her legs open wider, as the silk of her dress pooled just above her waist. Instinctively, Daphne’s abdomen contracted and her hips tilted in demand. He smiled and kissed her cheek.

“Easy, love. We’ll get there.”

The words dropped into the hollow of her ear, electrifying her skin from collarbone to scalp, and sending a shot of aching heat straight through to her cunt. She bit her lip and gripped his lapel, but he’d already moved on, slipping down her straps of her dress to expose her lovely, teardrop breasts.

Daphne shifted, restless beneath his deliberate hand. She was already going mad, and he hadn’t gotten anywhere near her sex. Words formed in her mouth, but she could only gasp when he dipped his head and took her entire breast in his mouth. He suckled hard, flicked her nipple with his tongue as she, so reserved, so habitually quiet, moaned. I sound like a whore, she thought. But she couldn’t help herself.

Buy the Book:


Amazon, UK

Daily Deeper Special: Flash Pop!


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Go Deeper Press. They’re one of the most interesting and challenging publishers of literary porn on the market today. When they put out a call for their new feature – The Deeper Daily, I was quick to send a story over.

“Flash Pop!” is one of those stories that wrote itself. At this point, I’ve pretty much established that my joy is in editing a story, but “Flash Pop!” came out whole and nearly finished on the first draft. I love this little story and was really proud when Lana Fox and Angela Tavares, the brilliant minds behind Go Deeper Press, said they’d like to run it.

It’s over at the Deeper Daily right now, so click HERE to check it out. As with all of the Daily Deeper stories, it’s only up for seven days so catch it while you can!

Here’s a little taste.

Excerpt: Flash Pop!

Deke. Who the fuck has a name like Deke? But it suited him, from the gleam in his devil-dark eyes to his rattlesnake boots. Over the next six months she’d come to appreciate the eyes, the boots and every filthy inch in-between.

One night a week, Debi’s mom watched the kids so she could have “me time”, something she got very little of since her fucker of an ex left her for a stripper like the cliché he was. More than a year later she was still pretty wound up about it. She kind of thought of Deke as therapy.

“Me time”, so far as her mom knew, consisted of Debi going for drinks at the Macaroni Bar with her non-existent girlfriends. “Me Time”, in reality, meant meeting Deke at the Pak ‘n Buy so he could fuck her in his Camaro.

She looked forward to “me time” every week.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


The Liebster Award: Sharing the Love


I got a lovely surprise today from a writer / blogger I’ve come to adore. @ht_honey caught my attention last year when she was lovely enough to let me use two of her Sinful Sunday photos as inspiration for two separate stories (The Second Letter and Drive), and her blog, Happy Come Lucky, continues to engage and inspire me, even more now than it did when I was first fortunate enough to find it.

Anyway, the lovely surprise I got was that Honey nominated me for a Liebster Award. The conditions of accepting the award are that you answer some questions, offer up some little known facts about yourself and nominate a handful of other bloggers who have less than 1000 followers. You can read the full rules over at Honey’s place, and while you’re there, please do take a look at her answers to Marie Rebelle‘s questions. There’s some great stuff in there!

And now, for My Answers to Honey’s Questions:

1. What three words would you choose to describe your blogging persona?

Curious, introspective and measured.

2. Is there something that you have been scared or nervous to post on your blog, but you have done it anyway? What was it, and how did it work out?

Yes! I get twitchy over any post that has to do with my body. My post, Small Breasts, was a bit nerve-wracking, though less so than my Pussy Pride Post. That said, the posts I’ve done on vulnerability and jealousy have scared me far more, but I’m glad I did them. A lot of people contacted me after, confessing to feel similarly difficult emotions and I love that I was not only able to connect with people over those experiences, but to offer a bit of support too, even if it’s only to say, “hey, you’re not the only one who feels this stuff.”

3. What is your favourite drink for when you are relaxed and enjoying yourself?

Tea! Or bourbon. Or champagne. Always separately though ;)

4. Would you describe yourself as impulsive or a planner? How does your approach to blogging fit in with that?

I’d say I’m impulsive planner. I have a list of topics several pages long and I tend to schedule them out a month ahead, but then there are weeks, like this one with Hollow Places, when something grabs me so I run with the impulse.

5. Which body part fascinates you and why?

The brain. It is absolutely the more underrated erogenous zone. Plus, people fascinate me and I believe that hearts and souls aside, our brains are the seat of our humanity, biologically speaking.

6. Which memes do you take part in?

I just took part in my first memes last week and did a two for one! I did my first Wicked Wednesday and Kink of the Week with a post on corsets! I love both memes and am looking forward to participating in those and others more, work allowing. I’m also a really passionate supporter of Sinful Sunday.

7.  If a genie offered you three blogging/publishing wishes, what would they be?

I think they can all be summed up in one major wish – to make a living from fiction, blogging, articles and essays. That’s on the practical end of things. On the creative / idealistic side, I want to reach as many people as I can. There’s so much judgement around sex and sexuality. I just want to provide alternative ways of looking at ourselves, our relationships and where we are as a culture.

8. Bath or shower and why?

Shower, unless I’m with someone else. Then it would be shower or bath depending on how much time we had. If I’m on my own though, shower definitely. I’m tall so most standard bathtubs aren’t terribly comfortable, plus I get restless. I’m not great at hanging out and soaking unless there’s conversation or sexy stuff going on.

9. Do you have a life mantra/motto? What is it?

I have two, and they’re actually very similar to yours. The first is Run at what it is you fear. My dad taught me to fight when I got scared, and that impulse has carried forward. While I’m definitely not getting into physical altercations, I’m much more comfortable facing the difficult thing than running from it.

The second is really just two words – Empathy and compassion. They’re more of a reminder to do as little harm as possible. They’re wound up with Know thyself. I find that, the better I understand myself, the better able I am to keep a proper perspective and act with empathy and compassion. It’s an ideal, which means I don’t always make it, but it reminds me to try.

10. What is one of your guilty pleasures?

I don’t have guilty pleasures. I just have pleasures ;)

11. How did you choose the name of your blog?

When I was first putting Erotica. Sex. Culture. together, it was just called Malin James (my pseudonym) with no further subtitle. It didn’t seem like enough, because my name said nothing about my interests or concerns, so I tacked on the subtitle and have been very happy with it since.

Eleven Facts About Me:

Quick confession – I’m lifting the first 7 from a Facebook meme that’s been circulating, but the last 4 are fresh and hot off the press!

1. I went to one of NYU’s acting conservatories and am a classically trained actor. Theater only (sorry film – you never coaxed me away).

2. My favorite roles were in The Seagull (Masha), Twelfth Night (Olivia) and Fool for Love (May). I still have my lines memorized from all three.

3. If I could choose any random talent, it would be singing. Hands down. I would love to be able to sing for the sheer, beautiful joy of it.

4. I have an MA in medieval literature and was in the middle of applying to PhD programs when I realized there just aren’t that many jobs for medievalists in the U.S. so I reconsidered and became a librarian instead.

5. Being a librarian was not as satisfying as being a medievalist, nor was it as satisfying as being a writer is. Being a writer is the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done.

6. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 19. Once I did, I made up for a *lot* of lost time.

7. Hot weather makes me massively cranky. I have opposite of Seasonal Affective Disorder and would be glad to live where it was gray and rainy 9 months out of the year if I could.

8. I’ve been non-monogamous since I was 21, and I realized I was bisexual some time in my teens. Both happened with very little fanfare or stress, possibly a side effect of growing up in San Francisco.

9. I’m atheist and can’t remember ever being anything else despite 12 years of Catholic school. I try not to be a jerk about it though – I think faith in a higher power must be wonderful and quite comforting. I’ve just never had it.

10. I love vintage and boutique lingerie. I can’t afford the stuff, but I love looking at it.

11. I would rather have books more than anything else. My love of lingerie pales in comparison to my love of books. I fucking love them and have fetishized them to the point of having them stacked all over the place in little totem piles. They make me happy.

Paying it Forward:

And now, for my nomination! I’d like to nominate the very intriguing erotica writer, Rachel Woe. She’s fairly new on the scene, but we share pages in this year’s Best Women’s Erotica, and her story, “The Art Teacher”, stood out as one of the strongest in a very strong collection. I think she’s one to watch and I’d love for more people to find her and her work.

There are a lot of other writers I’d love to nominate but many of them have already gotten the nod, so I’m going to keep it to one. As for questions, I loved Honey’s so much that I think I’ll ask the same ones.


News & Reviews

Hi everyone! I’ve been wanting to impose some order on my blog for awhile now because it’s expanded more than I ever thought it would. Originally, I’d intended it to be a place to post book reviews and publishing news for the erotica portion of my writing. I should have realized that if I gave myself a forum, I’d want to say more.

"Pin Up with Newspaper" by Zoe Mozert Blotter

“Pin Up with Newspaper” by Zoe Mozert Blotter

Since then, my blog has become a place where I post on topics that catch my interest, sometimes in very personal ways. As it grew, it became something other than what I’d originally intended – a fact for which I’m incredibly grateful. It’s become an ongoing project that I love and fully intend to develop, but that left me with an awkward gap.

I still needed a place where I could share book reviews, news, updates and and other things of a more promotional nature. More importantly, I wanted a separate space where I could also promote the excellent work being done by friends and colleagues. So, with the help of the ever-patient @DomSigns, I set up this subdomain.

Unlike Erotica. Sex. Culture., News & Reviews will only receive updates when I have a book review or news to share, but I intend for it to always be up-to-date. There will be information about my work here, as well as information on projects that I just happen to be excited about. And, as always, while this is a promotional site, everything I endorse here will be evaluated honestly. I won’t tell you I love something if I don’t. That’s just not how I roll, regardless of where I’m posting.

And speaking of where I’m posting, I’m leaving all of the old reviews and promotional posts up on my main site (for the time being, at least). Moving forward, you’ll find all of the new stuff here.

So that’s it – all the news that fits to print (so far). Please do keep going to my main site for our regularly scheduled service. In the meantime, I’ll post here as soon as I’ve got something awesome to share. Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you back soon!