Review: Baby Love by Emmanuelle de Maupassant

Disclaimer: I tend to love everything Emmanuelle de Maupassant writes, so, at this point, I basically expect to love everything she writes. That said, after decades of selling, pimping and reviewing books, I’m basically incapable of saying I like something when I don’t, so, no matter how much I love someone’s work, I won’t claim to like something just because it was written by one of my go-to authors. My thoughts and enthusiasm are completely genuine, even if not totally surprising.

And now, my review of Baby Love by Emmanuelle de Maupassant….


March was a busy, hectic month full of deadlines and lots of reading for work, so when I finally got to sit down with Emmanuelle de Maupassant’s new novelette, Baby Love, I was really ready for something that would help me relax and feel good. Happily, I had a feeling Baby Love was going to be it, and I was right.

Baby Love is basically what would happen if Bridget Jones were a person I actually liked. While I’ve always been able to see the appeal of Helen Fielding’s adorably hapless Bridget, there was something in those books that felt a bit too precious to be believed. I always wanted to get on board, but I and just couldn’t seem to. Unlike Bridget though, I was more than on board for Delphine, Emmanuelle de Maupassant’s charming, very charming, and very pregnant heroine.

Here’s a quick synopsis:

When her husband leaves her when she’s eight months pregnant, Delphine, quite understandably, has a meltdown – a good, proper, cathartic meltdown like anyone would have under those circumstances. But her meltdown, while being genuinely funny, is also genuinely relatable. de Maupassant gives the reader the feeling that you are sharing Delphine’s experience, rather than having an experience performed for your entertainment. It’s that genuine quality that pulled me on board from the first page, and held on to be through the last.

The thing that made the difference for me is that Delphine’s story felt real and lovely and sweet, rather than arch or performed. There is so much warmth and humor in this short little gem, but it’s touching and a little raunchy in the way real life is. It’s a romantic story, for sure, but it’s also full of hormones and longing and bodies behaving in ways you don’t expect. It’s the whole package of an experience – sexy, sad, funny, lovely, adorable, hopeful. In short, it’s exactly what I needed when I needed a lovely, beautifully written, thoroughly enjoyable break.

Baby Love is a quick read – I powered through it in under an hour and felt like I’d been to the spa myself by the end. I can’t recommend it enough. It was the perfect springtime treat from an author that can, as far as I can see, write in any style she likes with a facility that’s hard to beat.

Get the book!

Baby Love is available on Kindle for 99c/99p through mid-May. Or, if you like the feel of a book in your hands, you can get it in paperback too. Just head over to:


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  1. Oooh Malin

    I’ve had some lovely reviews over the past couple of years (including some beautiful ones from your gorgeous self) but this is probably the MOST lovely.

    Thank you for this wonderful encouragement.


  2. It’s so very much my pleasure, Emmanuelle. I just honestly love your work. What’s more, Baby Love was exactly what I needed, so thank *you* for writing such a lovely, funny, good-feeling story so very beautifully.

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