Guest Post: Delilah Night is Capturing the Moment (And there’s a Contest!)

I don’t tend to do a whole lot of promotion, mostly because I decided a while ago that I wanted to focus on authors and projects that I’ve read and honestly love. In the case of Delilah Night and her new release, Capturing the Moment, I can happily say that both apply. 

This may sound a bit over the top, but Capturing the Moment, is a big, delightful delight. Delilah hit the perfect balance between sex and romance, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t finish it feeling glowy, happy feelings. I definitely recommend it (and the everything else Delilah has written). But before I take over what should, by rights, be a guest post, I’m going to stop there, and let you hear from Delilah herself. 

Take it away, Ms. Night!

Blurring the lines between fiction and reality—RJ edition

I’m so excited to be on your blog today, Malin! I am a tremendous fan of your lyrical, beautiful prose. I’ve gotten to know Malin in the blogosphere and Twitterverse, and she is a delightful friend. I hope all of you will enjoy my post, and stick around for the contest!

For my guest posts this week, I thought it would be fun to talk about how much of myself and my husband can be found in the characters of Meg and RJ. I wrote about Meg and I for F. Leonora’s blog this past Tuesday, and today I’ll be discussing the similarities (or lack thereof) between RJ and my husband.

RJ (Oh, la la!)

RJ (Oh, la la!)

Ways in which RJ and my husband are similar.

  1. The most obvious is that they are Indian American men in a relationship with a white woman. I’ve written before that I write interracial romance in part because I want to couples like my own connecting emotionally and sexually on the page.
  2. They both have curly hair. When my husband’s hair is freshly washed and he hasn’t messed it up over the course of his day, it curls into these perfect ringlets I’m a little heartbroken neither of our daughters inherited.
  3. The snark. RJ and Meg banter in part because of the way my husband and I do. We use tv/movie quotes on each other frequently. My husband even snuck a quote from Babylon 5 (nerd pride!) into his wedding vows.

Ways in which RJ and my husband are nothing alike.

  1. Look, I love the man, but he is *not* as smooth as RJ.
  2. My husband would not enjoy a trip to Cambodia. He’d spend the trip complaining about the lack of decent cell service. Which is why I left him in charge of our offspring and went by myself.
  3. He has less of a connection to his heritage then RJ. My husband does not speak Hindi, like Indian food, or watch Bollywood movies. Going to an Indian restaurant with me is reserved for things like my birthday. The scene below would never happen in real life (although the restaurant is real and the food is awesome).
Curry Walla (yummers)

Curry Walla (yummers)

A Tase of Capturing the Moment.

“Curry Walla? You found Indian food?” She licked her lips. The man knew her weaknesses.

“I found excellent Indian food. The chapattis are better than my mom’s, but if you ever say that, I’ll call you a liar. Do you want to eat there?”

“We’ll do Khmer for dinner?” That way she could feel guilt-free about not eating the local cuisine for lunch.

“Of course. Come on.”

The man behind the counter looked up and greeted RJ in Punjabi. RJ answered, dropping into English to introduce Meg. “Meg, this is Saroj. Saroj, this is Meg.”

“Nice to meet you. You’re far too beautiful for this one. Run away with me instead.” Saroj winked at her.

“If the food is all Arjun says it is, I may have to take you up on that, Uncle.”

The proprietor laughed heartily, indicating they should sit. He passed them menus and spicy papadam to snack on while they decided what to order. After teasing RJ in Punjabi a bit more, Saroj left. He returned with their beverages, took their food order and departed for the kitchen.

“Leave it to you to find the best Indian food in a city,” Meg said.

“Yup,” RJ replied happily as he drank from his mango lassi. He lowered his voice. “Besides, if you’re planning to continue jumping me all day, I need a substantial meal to replenish my energy.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Oh, how awful for you to be at the mercy of my lustful intentions.”

“I do my best with the burdens that have been thrust upon me, babe.”

RJ was right—the food was excellent. Meg caught sight of the owner grinning broadly at them when RJ fed her a bite of his beef jalfrezi, and she blushed.

“Saroj thinks I’m your girlfriend,” she told RJ.

“Wife,” RJ corrected her. “I told him I should be so lucky.”

Meg froze. She had been planning their wedding right up until she’d decided to end the relationship.

Capturing the Moment Cover

You never forget your first love…

Meg and RJ were passionately in love. But that was six years and a broken engagement ago.

Meg has only one day in Siem Reap, Cambodia, before she must leave for her sister’s wedding in Bali. She fulfills her dream of taking a photograph of the sun rising behind Angkor Wat, one of the oldest temples in the world. But her joy is short-lived when she turns around to see RJ standing behind her.

RJ threw himself into work after Meg ended their relationship. He’s built a successful business, but it’s a hollow victory. He’s come to Siem Reap to win back the woman he’s never stopped loving. But first he has to convince her to spend the day with him.

Meg is as physically attracted to RJ as she ever was. Maybe the secret to finally getting over him is a one day only, no strings attached fling.

Can RJ win Meg back, or will she love him and leave him?

 Capturing the Moment is on sale everywhere!


After 30 years of snowy New England winters, Delilah Night moved to steamy Southeast Asia. While she doesn’t miss shoveling snow, she does miss shopping for bargains at Target.

In 2014, Delilah visited Cambodia for the first time and fell in love with Siem Reap. Many of her misadventures from that vacation (including the one with the monkey) made their way into this story.

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