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Superotica Advent Calendar: Day 22

Medieval woman in ermine

Art by Percy Anderson

By now, it’s no secret that I love Christmas. For an agnostic/atheist, (I go either/or because neither label feels quite right), I start to feel festive in the middle of November and keep gearing up right up to the 25th. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy what has become an annual tradition in the erotica / sex blogging community – Tamsin Flowers’s Superotica Advent Calendar.

It’s a little different every year, and 2015 is no exception. This year she invited a handful of writers to contribute, and then opened up the rest of the calendar to submissions. The result has been pretty fantastic – a month full of work by established pros and promising newcomers covering everything from romance to filthy, hot fucks and achy D/s.

My contribution is a story I’ve had rattling around in my head since last Christmas when Rose Caraway asked me to contribute a story for her XXXmas edition of the KMQ podcast. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is my favorite medieval narrative – one that I’ve always thought would lend itself really well to an erotic adaptation – but it wouldn’t come together last year, so I wrote this instead, a slightly silly, but kind of endearing (I hope) retelling of A Christmas Carol.

Fast forward to this November when Tamsin asked me if I wanted to contribute to the calendar. I immediately thought of the Gawain story, but what had begun as a light, tongue-in-cheek bit of porn called “The Green Knight” had become, over the 12 months I’d let it sit, something a little more serious, with a little more bite. “The Green Lady” was no longer about a sexy, morally embattled knight, but, rather, the woman sent to tempt him. Click HERE or on the image above to read it. I hope you enjoy. And if you’ve missed the rest of the calendar, definitely check it out – there’s some amazing, and really hot, work in there.

Lastly, but certainly not least, if you have been enjoying the Superotica Advent Calendar, please consider donating to a homeless shelter or charity. Tamsin has provided links to two in the UK and one in the US –  Crisis, The Albert Kennedy Trust and the Coalition for the Homeless.

Or, if you have your own favorite charity, please consider donating there. Christmas is a wonderful time of year for many of us, but there are still a lot of people for whom circumstance hasn’t been so kind….

And finally, I want to wish everyone a peaceful, merry Christmas. May the holidays bring you comfort, joy and lots of sexy, good things.